Project Loan

We can facilitate you with the investors within our network prefer deals that are seeking at least $200 million USD to over 100 billion USD.
Our main focus is connecting investors with worthy entrepreneurs & business ventures that have been vetted by us in multiple countries depending on the situation.
Loans, equity or revolving commercial lines of credit for construction projects, clean energy, renewable energy, power purchasing agreements, infrastructure-related projects, large processing/extraction for hemp & cannabis and some humanitarian efforts, affordable housing projects with bank guarantees, sovereign nation guarantees or government projects.
Debt / Equity funding is possible for renewable energy-related projects, large hemp or cannabis projects that are powered with solar, wind and/or hydro.
In the meantime, please answer the following questions to the best of your abilities:
1: Do you have a business plan and / or a pitch deck?
2: Do you have a detailed use of funds?
3: How much are you seeking?
4: How much has been invested into this venture as of now?
5: How much working capital does this venture have at the moment?
6: How much revenue has been achieved?
7: Are you seeking debt, equity or both?
8: If revenue hasn't been achieved then how long until the venture is revenue positive after receiving capital?
9: What is the location or locations of this venture?
10: What is the nature (industry or focus) of this venture?
11: Are you a principal and/or a decision-maker that has the authority to sign agreements on the behave of the venture that's seeking funding?
12: Is there an off-take agreement, letter of intent or purchase orders attached to this venture?
13: Is this project or are these projects shovel ready?
14: Is there a sovereign nation guarantee, bank guarantee or SBLC tied to any of these projects?
15: Are there any other lenders or investors involved with this project or these projects?
Types of collateral needed.
Property, Risk Insurance, Sovereign Guarantees, Bank Guarantees, SBLC, cash or savings accounts, paper investments, natural reserves, blanket liens, PPA's, etc. (This matter is fully negotiable)
Just so we don't waste any time:
Keys to getting your project funded in the amounts of 50M-100B USD
1) You are shovel ready with a highly detailed set of documents.
Meaning of shovel ready: Done with a concept, design, feasibility, constructor in place, all construction/project plans, insurance, entitlements, off-take agreements, collateral, etc.
Currently, we're looking to intake these types of projects listed below to fund.
Crude Oil Refinery Projects () Oil & Gas Wells Projects () Offshore Oil Rigs () Pipeline Projects () Oil Storage Tanks Projects () Oil & Gas Terminal Projects () Gas Station & Petroleum Stations Projects () Renewable Energy Projects () Solar Power Plant Projects () Wind Power Plant Projects () Hydro Electric Power Projects () Nuclear Power Plant Projects () Mining Projects () Buying Aircraft's () Aviation Industry Projects () Aerospace Industry Projects () Airport Projects () Railway Transportation Projects () Road Projects () Commercial Building Projects () Housing Development Projects () Smart City Projects () Hotel Projects () Resorts Projects () Man-Made Islands () Healthcare Projects () Industrial Factories Projects () Water Park Projects () Sports Projects () Financing Cinema Slate () Most Any Large Projects () Acquisitions () Brownfield & Greenfield Projects () EPCF Projects () Public-Private Partnership Projects() Most Mega Project Types
The client can use an existing SPV in those areas, or domicile one to do the deal. We can from time to time, make an exception on a case to case basis.
- We are not a broker, capital is in place, and are the ones bringing the funding.
- We fund by paying bank to bank via wire or bank to bank as a line of credit with instruments.
- We would do a loan @ 1-4.5%, not Investment.
- Underwritten loan for 5 or 30 years.
- Range of funding 50M -100B - USD
- The success fee of 1-4% can be paid at close/closing proceeds.
Acquisitions and Mergers Funding:
Our investors within our network do not subscribe to offerings. They can do a fully underwritten loan for a full ready project/acquisition with a highly detailed set of documents.
On M&A deals: We need the following
1) Buyers and Sellers last 3 yrs audited financials, YTD P & L
2) Any Due diligence packages on the buy or sales side.
3) Need to know who is selling the business, i.e. Investment banker, FSBO, commercial realtor, business broker, etc.
4) We have to see a strong take over plan. strong forecast, and strong operations plan.
5) They should be doing a 100% takeover
6) You can bundle acquisitions, get working capital, pay off liens, etc.
7) You have to be shovel ready on any renovations or new construction with a highly detailed set of documents.
8) Retainers (not all projects will be required to pay a retainer) and fees still apply as described in project funding guidelines.
9) The contract should be in place to acquire, merge, buyout in full of seller/target company merging into.
Requirements To Submit The Loan Application:-
1. Incorporation Certificate.
2. Audit Reports for the Last Three Years.
3. Proof of share of the company.
4. Scanning Copy Of Passport In PDF Format Of Main Applicant.

Please note that Lenders will be requiring documents based on your audit reports till funding.